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Article on Flash an accessibility on webaim.org, who wrote it, and could it be updated to reflect most recent developments?


From: Birkir RĂșnar Gunnarsson
Date: Nov 24, 2010 2:57AM

Hey guys

I am constantly discussing Flash and accessibility in my accweb
accessibility work these days.
I found a very good article on it on the WebAim site:
(this is page 2 of 4, but I presume the article is written by a single person).
The content is since 2006 and there have been updates. Flex 4, screen
readers are somewhat smarter, Flash works in other browsers now and,
to some textent, on other platforms.
The main points and message of the article is unchanged, and I find it
a fantastic resource, but it would be even better if someone could go
over, and update, it to reflect the most recent situation.
I do not have the development knowledge to do so, but if you know who
wrote this in the first place, and if said person is available and has
kept up, I would, for one, appreciate it greatly if this is looked at.

Thanks and be well.