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Re: DOCTYPE revisited


From: Holly Marie
Date: Jun 26, 2002 4:03PM

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From: "Glenda Watson Hyatt"

| Tom,
| I wholeheartedly agree! Superpages.ca is using this system to create
| its clients' webpages, and I don't like it at all. A friend asked me
| oversee the development of his site. With this online editing system,
| can't get into handcode the html. Its driving me nuts. Can't even
| valid html -- forget accessible html.

Does he have admin access to the authoring environment... meaning is
this a content management set up where you type this that and the other
thing in and it gets updated, rebuilt, and delivers to the web site?

If so, there should be templates that are accessible, both for the page
mark up and the CSS, and those are the files you would need access to.
If it is not overly complicated or parts are being delivered from
several files, you can usually get into a modify templates page and take
a look at the code for these. Those can indeed be modified and the basic
shell or template can have a Doctype inserted. They have to have HTML
somehow and it comes from somewhere, so there is where you need to get.


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