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Re: DOCTYPE revisited


From: Holly Marie
Date: Jun 26, 2002 4:00PM

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Sent: Wednesday, June 26, 2002 5:12 PM
Subject: DOCTYPE revisited

| I have just been given this "reason" for not including a doctype:
| "Doctype - The platform that we are using is a dynamic system that
| generates the pages. Because of this it is not a standard HTML page."
| How valid is this?
| My personal opinion is: well, make it valid html!

Sounds like uninformed personnel. [or could be I am unaware?]
I have worked with many server side dynamic projects that generate not
only pages, but generate parts of pages, and they are all delivered with
XHTML Transitional or Strict with CSS, and validate when I get done
working through the templates. It takes some work, and could be pure
laziness that offers up that reply to you. What type of dynamic
programming is it that says you cannot use any Doctype for a web page?

When using PHP, I ran into a situation where the top line XML UTF 8 tag
was a problem and the solution for that one was easy...

PHP Echo [generate] the leading tag...

I am not sure of any software where a doctype would be impossible to
generate or place into a page?
Then I have also not used all of the page generating software. But I am
very curious.


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