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Re: Web Site Accessibility Survey, for an NC State Graduate Student


From: ckrugman@sbcglobal.net
Date: Dec 14, 2010 5:03PM

Unfortunately, these questions are too open ended as I visit and use
hundreds of web sites so it would be impossible to answer these questions.
He might do better to address types of content and layout rather than having
people listing web sites.
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From: "Birkir Rúnar Gunnarsson" < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
Sent: Monday, December 06, 2010 4:26 PM
Subject: [WebAIM] Web Site Accessibility Survey,for an NC State Graduate

> Hi listers
> I do not make it a habit to forward or repost surveys to any mailing
> list (let alone one with high traffic such as this one), but I know
> Sina and he is a very talented programmer, blind, and doing a lot of
> very interesting and innovative things in the field of access
> technology, so I feel the outcome of his project, provided he gets
> sufficient responses, will definitely be interesting and beneficial to
> all.
> If you are a screen reader users, please consider taking a few minutes
> to respond.
> Thanks very much
> -Birkir
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> From: Sina Bahram < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
> Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2010 16:13:07 -0500
> Subject: [Blindmath] [research] website accessibility
> To: Blind Math list for those interested in mathematics
> Hi all,
> As part of a potential publication, I'm conducting research related to
> website accessibility. I would really appreciate for you to
> send me a quick email answering these three questions.
> Please only answer if you are a screen reader user.
> First, please put "[research]", that's left-bracket, research,
> right-bracket, in the subject line of the email.
> My email address is:
> Question 1:
> What website or websites do you find the most accessible. Please list
> full URL's.
> Question 2:
> What website or websites do you find the least accessible. Please list
> full URL's.
> Question 3:
> What website, or websites, do you have to use, whether it be for work,
> school, business, or anything else, even though they might
> not be as accessible as you prefer? Please list full URL's.
> Optional section:
> Feel free to explain your answers further in this section; for
> example, why you feel a certain website is accessible or not
> accessible.
> Thank you so much for your participation. If I don't get at least 20
> or 30 respondents, we won't really be able to use the data, so
> please forward this email to anyone at all who uses a screen reader.
> Your provided URL's will of course be made anonymous as soon as I get
> them.
> Thanks again
> Take care,
> Sina