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Re: LongDesc for documents, not websites


From: Bevi Chagnon | PubCom
Date: Apr 21, 2011 8:36PM

Vlad wrote:
" Sounds like a workflow problem rather than a longdesc problem"

Hmm. Have you worked on a federal government website with millions of pages with national security requirements? <grin>

The URL redirect could work, but is likely to have several stumbling blocks.
1) The tasks would be performed by 2 distinct groups of people, the document creators and the web team.
2) Successfully coordinating these 2 teams over the course of several months is dicey.
3) At some agencies, a web team will process several hundred documents a day. It's quite likely that they'll overlook changing the 100+ URL redirects in one PDF out of the many other documents they process that day.

I think this can be a viable solution for a smaller organization with tighter work teams, and I'll keep it as an option.

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