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Re: Online courses for web accessibility


From: Patterson, David (ITD)
Date: Apr 26, 2011 1:21PM


You might also want to consider the Web Accessibility Principles video
course that is available through the Lynda Online Training website for a
moderate cost.

Lynda.com is an online training website that has hundreds of online
courses in a wide variety of areas ranging from web design to Microsoft
Office fundamentals. There is a $25 to $35 cost per month for an
individual for taking an unlimited number of training courses.

They have one course that covers Web Accessibility Principles. It is an
excellent in-depth course that explains the concept of accessibility as
it applies to the web, and describes how it affects everyone. It also
covers how to set up accessibility testing, and how to apply
accessibility principles to new and existing sites using
standards-compliant markup and CSS. Exercise files accompany the

The course is intended for web developers and show you learn how to
create accessible layouts, text, navigation elements, images, tables and
forms, as well as how to style them with CSS.

The first part of the course - Getting Started with Web Accessibility
provides a good introduction to accessibility. It talks about various
disabilities, why web accessibility is important, and demonstrates how
someone using a screen reader experiences the web. It also gives an
overview of web standards including Section 508 and WCAG, and why
general principles of accessibility that should be used in the design of

The remainder of the course provides an in-depth introduction to web
accessibility, including Setting up an Accessibility Testing
Environment, Creating Accessible Page Layout, Working with Text,
Creating Navigation, Working with Images, Working with Tables, Creating
Forms, and finally, Deprecated Accessibility Techniques.

You can get a Certificate of Completion upon finishing the course