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RE: Skip navigation


From: Leo Smith
Date: Jul 24, 2002 5:55AM

This is a technique that I have been implemeting on a purely CSS
driven site that I am building....the fact that the structural
placement of <div>'s can differ from the visual placement can be a
hinderance to assistive technologies (that is, the linearization of the
document does not make sense), but in the case of page
navigational elements can be an advantage - being able to visually
display the navigation where you want on the page, but structurally
and linearly place it at the end.

Indeed, some folks may *expect* the navigation to be first on the
page, with an option to skip to main content. I would say that the
entry page should perhaps be of this format, but internal pages I do
think might benefit from the content coming first structurally and the
navigation last - hearing a "skip navigation" at the beginning of every
page might get tiresome for screen reader users.


On 23 Jul 2002, at 9:34, Jukka Korpela wrote:

As a more complicated approach,
> put the links at the end _and_ use some CSS that suggests
(using CSS2
> positioning) that they be _visually presented_ at the start of the

Leo Smith
Web Designer/Developer
USM Office of Publications and Marketing
University of Southern Maine

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