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Jquery and it's Accessibility


From: Jeevan Reddy
Date: May 11, 2011 12:30AM

Hi Dudes,
Nice Morning! Hope every one doing Good.
It may be a repeated topic, i know that, but facing different scenario.
We use Jquery carousels for gallery images.
Firstly, Consider fancy box. We'll creat thumb mail image list, put
appropriate Alt text for these images, and spanned a hidden text "clicking
these images will take larger view and press Escape to close". well things
fine as of now. but when the image takes largerview, the alt text is not
associated with these images! will this be a violatioon of WCAG 2.0 1.1.1?

Next, we use Image gallary where the images scroll periodically, and have
thumb list. when the user click on these thumb list, the corresponding
imagewill appear that moment. here i've couple of queries. first, the images
are not having alt text because we have no control over that since these
images are uploaded from client end and changes time to time. will this be a
violation of Success criteria 1.1.1? and we use alt text as 1,2,3,...when
the thumb list made of images. the other thing is, will these scrolling
images violates Success criteria 2.2.2?

Best Regards,
*Jeevan Reddy,
Accessibility Developer,
Onya Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd,
Bangalore, India.