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Re: How do screen readers experience this image rotator?


From: Will Grignon
Date: May 18, 2011 4:06PM

I use JAWS 12.
The graphics are read linearly in a very long list (approx.. 63 items.
Typing "n" skips all graphics and jumps the cursor to the first news item.
BTW - what are the two links labeled with "#" just above "Home" and just
below "Contact Us?"
I notice there are no headings, you might think about having a heading level
formatted title like News Releases, etc.

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Subject: [WebAIM] How do screen readers experience this image rotator?


I am once again asking for any screen reader users to help me out with some
AT testing. I think I mentioned elsewhere, that I have been asked to help
fix the many accessibility issues on this site: http://sbctc.edu/index.aspx

My question this time, is how screen reader users experience the set of
rotating images that appears at the top of the News Releases on the home
page. In the code it is presented as an <ul> with each picture (34 of them)
presented as a <li> that appears one at a time (to the sighted user).

The first <li> in this list is a picture of "Edmonds", the second is
"Wenatchee Valley", the third is "Bellevue".

My fear is that screen readers users have to listen to the whole darn list
of images. As there is no "skip to main content" link provided on this
site, I expect that you would bail pretty quickly.

I would be grateful to any of you who would take the time to test this out
for me and let me know what you experienced and what AT you are using.

Thank you,

Angela French
Internet Specialist
State Board for Community and Technical Colleges