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Re: How do screen readers experience this image rotator?


From: Tania
Date: May 18, 2011 7:39PM

no problem. just use non linked text function to skip images.

suggest have a heading called 'main content' or something similar just below
rotating images links. or as you'd suggest about skip to main content.
normally i don't use skip to main content in a new site visit for first
time wantto know the structure first and whether there's anything useful
above main content.


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From: "Angela French" < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
Sent: Thursday, May 19, 2011 4:41 AM
Subject: [WebAIM] How do screen readers experience this image rotator?

> Hello,
> I am once again asking for any screen reader users to help me out with
> some AT testing. I think I mentioned elsewhere, that I have been asked to
> help fix the many accessibility issues on this site:
> http://sbctc.edu/index.aspx .
> My question this time, is how screen reader users experience the set of
> rotating images that appears at the top of the News Releases on the home
> page. In the code it is presented as an <ul> with each picture (34 of
> them) presented as a <li> that appears one at a time (to the sighted
> user).
> The first <li> in this list is a picture of "Edmonds", the second is
> "Wenatchee Valley", the third is "Bellevue".
> My fear is that screen readers users have to listen to the whole darn list
> of images. As there is no "skip to main content" link provided on this
> site, I expect that you would bail pretty quickly.
> I would be grateful to any of you who would take the time to test this out
> for me and let me know what you experienced and what AT you are using.
> Thank you,
> Angela French
> Internet Specialist
> State Board for Community and Technical Colleges
> 360-704-4316
> http://www.checkoutacollege.com<;http://www.checkoutacollege.com/>;