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Re: tool to convert oral recording to text?


From: Birkir R. Gunnarsson
Date: Jun 24, 2011 7:57AM


You're in charge of that.
I show up, you take care of transportation and accomodation correct?
If I have to cover any of that myself I won't be able to participate.
(seeing as I have 3 50 minute sessions, an hour session with the
teachers and a session with the Comp Sci track, I am definitely
pulling my weight in the program).
Let me know if there is any type of misunderstanding or if I have to
do something (I will correct the Southwest reservations next week, I
am in Nashville airport right now, coming back from a family vacation,
so have not had the time).
Thanks very much

On 6/20/11, John E Brandt < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> At the Accessibility Unconference I attended last year there was a person
> representing a company that did speech-to-text (STT) transcription of video
> recordings. He claimed it was of fairly high quality but did indicate that
> human editing was required to ensure accuracy. In the conversations that
> followed, there was a general consensus that the technology to do accurate
> automatic STT transcriptions from video is still not there.
> Yes, Dragon Dictate does a reasonable job with one voice in a controlled
> environment, but I don't think it can do multiple voices in the same setting
> very well.
> My suggestion would be to hire a good transcriptionist like a CART person if
> you want an accurate STT transcript. The biggest advantage of the human
> being is that the human can stop the proceedings and ask people to repeat
> themselves when there is confusion or if multiple people are speaking.
> You will recall that IBM's Big Blue genius "Watson" could not respond to
> verbal content on Jeopardy....and IBM engineers were the ones who developed
> STT.
> John E. Brandt
> www.jebswebs.com
> 207-622-7937
> Augusta, Maine, USA
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> Subject: [WebAIM] tool to convert oral recording to text?
> Does anyone know of a tool that can record an oral presentation/testimony
> and convert it to text? If you have experience with such a tool I would
> appreciate hearing from you.
> Thank you,
> Angela French
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