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RE: Screen readers or testing


From: Raleigh Way
Date: Jul 30, 2002 6:01PM

Sorry about the multiple postings. My computer hung up on me, and it
appeared that none of my postings were being sent. It would lock up,
and say the the message had not been sent. I had to reboot to get
out of the loop. R.

>I've been following the discussion about the screen readers like
>Jaws and IBM. How do Tablin and Lynx render a page?
>Do they read the page in a manner similar to how Jaws or IBM would
>"speak" a page? If they render a page much like a text-to-speech
>reader does, would this be a viable option? I guess nothing would
>replace "speaking" a page, but it might be a good starting point.
>>If you want to have a copy of the JAWS, which is probably the most
>>popular screen reader, you can get a trial version from
>>www.freedomscientific.com that never expires. The only caveat is that
>>you can only use it for half an hour at a time, then you have to reboot
>>your computer to use it again. JAWS is not as easy to learn as you might
>>like it to be. You can see a list of JAWS keyboard shortcuts at
>>http://www.webaim.org/howto/jaws_keyboard, but it will take some time to
>>A program that is easier to learn is Home Page Reader, by IBM. It's much
>>more intuitive to visual users and is a high quality screen reader on
>>par with JAWS. The functionality is not identical, but pretty close.
>>Mostly it does things differently than JAWS, rather than better or
>>worse. Home Page Reader costs about $125 (though it's been a while since
>>I last checked the price).
>>Paul Bohman
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>>Subject: Screen readers or testing
>>Is there a source of a "good" and "low cost" screen
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