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Re: Interesting cause: http://contrastrebellion.com


From: Jukka K. Korpela
Date: Jul 28, 2011 12:33PM

28.07.2011 21:12, John Foliot wrote:

> I think it reinforces the idea that allowing user-supplied style-sheets is
> a significant a11y consideration

Technically, authors have no word on that. Browsers that support user
stylesheets (as browsers generally do) do that irrespectively of
anything that authors do. But I guess you mean that authors should
design with user stylesheets in mind. For example, you should not, as an
author, set just the content color of an element and not set the
background. If you do, your page may fail to work when using a
reasonable user style sheet, since the background color from it might be
close to the content color specified in the page stylesheet.

> in other words authors should avoid
> inline styles whenever possible in favor of linked styles

I don't quite see how that matters. Inline styles have their problems,
but how would it make a difference to set, say, some properties for a
single paragraph using <p style="..."> versus using <p id="foo"> and
setting the styles for #foo in a style element or in an external stylesheet?

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