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Re: Actual Text attribute


From: Karlen Communications
Date: Jul 31, 2011 7:00AM

I just did a test with JAWS 12 and a paragraph of text I saved as a PNG then
inserted it into a document. I added the Actual Text attribute and JAWS IS
reporting it as a graphic. My JAWS verbosity setting is for labeled graphics
only although it often doesn't respect that setting in operating system
dialogs. I haven't had it override my graphics setting in an application but
it seems to do so in PDF...or at least this sample document.

Am using Acrobat 9x and at some point in previous versions of JAWS there was
the distinction of not hearing "graphic" before Actual text using JAWS so
this is an AT "issue" rather than an implementation of the Actual text
Attribute issue.

For the sample document I created which has one image of text, two
paragraphs of text and one photo with Alt Text, for some reason the
identification of "graphic 70" is being added randomly in the document. I've
checked the Tags Tree and there are only two images so am not sure where
JAWS is finding this extra graphic...maybe wishful thinking on its
part...and another reason to take testing with AT into perspective. :-)

Will try it in Acrobat X on my other machine on Tuesday/Monday is a holiday
here....and worked through this because, well, curiosity and the cat.....

Andrew is right in that Actual Text should be identified without the
"graphic" identifier.

Cheers, Karen

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The primary distinction is that when a figure has actual text that figure
isn't reported as a figure to the accessibility API, so the assistive
technology won't read it as a figure. When alternative text is used, it is
reported as a figure so a screen reader will say "graphic" or similar to
indicate the role. If you use both, it is regarded as a figure.


Andrew Kirkpatrick
Group Product Manager, Accessibility
Adobe Systems


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Sorry, forgot to answer your question.

Actual text is theoretically read in a more natural way as opposed to At
Text. I don't come across it much, not a lot of people know about the Actual
Text attribute.

By reading the content in a more natural way I mean with natural pauses and
more "integrated" into the document. I'll test it again tomorrow to give you
more information.

Cheers, Karen

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