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Docs for download in tables example


From: Angela French
Date: Aug 30, 2011 11:18AM

Thanks to those who have been helping me work through my docs-for-download issues. Here is an example of one such page I'm pulling my hair over (there are many others as there is no standardization on our site http://sbctc.edu ).

Here is my BIG problem. We use Contribute (please, do not waste tears for me!) and believe it or not, even in Contribute 5 which I believe is the latest-not-so-greatest, there is no way for the content editor to provide a title attribute. I know - unbelievable. On a page like this one: http://sbctc.edu/college/_e-assessreports.aspx it seems my only solution is to at least provide an alt attribute. (Please don't comment about all the pointless rows that have no document associated with them. You guess is as good as mine on why someone would do this).

I can understand their rationale for the table as providing such links in a list would require multiple lists and take up a lot more page space.

Angela French
Internet Specialist
State Board for Community and Technical Colleges