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creation of Accessible PDF documents


From: Eric Scheibler
Date: Sep 22, 2011 7:57AM

Hello everyone,

I want to create an accessible pdf document and for this I need your help.
I'am a tutor for the lecture "accessible documents" at the computer
science faculty at the TU Dresden. In one exercise of this lecture the
students should create a small, accessible pdf document. If possible the
job should be doable without using commercial software especially not
Adobe Acrobat. I searched for open source software and found Open Office
which seems to work relativly well.
At the moment I try to create the solution for this exercise cause I
need something to show them. My document only contains some examples of
document elements like an image, a list and a table. I exported the
document to pdf and checked it with the "PDF Accessibility Checker"

But PAC shows me two errors:
1. The tab order of page 1 is not based on the document structure (same
with page 2)
2. Structural tagging errors have been found (for example incomplete
paragraphs and headings)

I don't know how to fix these issues in Open Office. Is this possible or
am I forced to use Adobe Acrobat after exporting to fix that?
I've uploaded the file and the report:

Maybe someone can look at the file and give me a useful hint
Thank you in advance

Best regards
Eric Scheibler