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Re: Font size and Italics in PDFs


From: Malosh, Dan (MDE)
Date: Oct 27, 2011 11:09AM


Thanks for your response. Do you know of any links you could send me so I can learn more about tagging PDFs with reflow in mind? We've had a day of accessibility training at work, and although the training was months ago I know we didn't discuss font sizes and/or the "reflow" of text.

Also, can people adjust the font within the PDF and have it retain its size for printing purposes, or does this just work for displaying on the computer?

Dan Malosh, Digital Reference Librarian
Minnesota Braille & Talking Book Library

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If you tag your PDFs properly, not only can users zoom in to increase the text size, but they can enable reflow of the text so the text wraps within the confines of the current window. So, font size shouldn't be too small, but people reading the PDF can adjust it.


Andrew Kirkpatrick
Group Product Manager, Accessibility
Adobe Systems


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Subject: [WebAIM] Font size and Italics in PDFs

Hi all,

This is my first posting to the list so I apologize if what I'm asking has been addressed numerous times in the past.

I am working on converting Word documents into PDFs (I have Word 2010 and Acrobat Pro X) and I am concerned about font sizes. My agency has us using a font size 11 for general text, and has no qualms about italicized text. As I create these PDFs, I am concerned about people with low or partial vision.

Is there an agreed upon font size for PDFs? And is italicized text something that should only be done sparingly? Does Section 508 and/or W3C's Web Accessibility Initiative address font sizes for PDFs directly? I find those sites painful to navigate and to read, and what little I have found addressing PDFs and printable documents is vague ("be sure to use a large enough font size"-type of language).

I know that it's best to use HTML whenever possible because the end user can change the font size to their liking, but for information that people may want to print, PDF seems to be the preferred format.

I would appreciate any feedback I can get from you experts and accessibility enthusiasts.

Thanks in advance.

Dan Malosh, Digital Reference Librarian
Minnesota Braille & Talking Book Library