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Re: 2D displays


From: Chris Heilmann
Date: Oct 28, 2011 4:57PM

On 28/10/2011 23:40, Stephan Wehner wrote:
> How do you rate accessibility of the (interactive) 2D display at
> http://www.music-map.com/sandra.html ?
> Can it be improved?
> I'm not affliliated with the site, but want to make a similar display,
> where similar items are placed close to each other.
> Stephan
Well, for starters you use tables for the main layout of the page, that
can be quite a pain to navigate with assistive technology.

The names of the bands are links with no separators but whitespace.
Seeing that they are ordered, they should be in an ordered list - then
they would also make sense when the DHTML script doesn't work.

As it stands, this interface can be confusing and annoying, especially
as there are no lines between the connected bands.

In essence, this was impressive in 2001 when DHTML came out, but by now
it should assist the organisation of the data, not just move around and
make you chase it.