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Re: "Skip to content" links, vissibility and keyboard users without screen readers, to hide or not to hide?


From: Jennifer Sutton
Date: Dec 19, 2011 5:15PM


I thought some on this list might find this Twitter post of interest:

@terrillthompson Skip nav links don't actually work well for
non-mousers. Blog & JQuery solution @ http://t.co/4MLaLQBT

At 03:57 PM 12/19/2011, you wrote:
>Hi Birkir,
>Thanks for your kind observations about the webcourse - I should update it;
>I am tempted to just change the dates! What I want to do us update it with
>references to WCAG 20.
>First of all - a visible skip link is great and the best thing to do - but
>an alternative is to make it visible on focus because it is primarily an
>accommodation for sighted non-mouse users. As you said keyboard navigation
>of headings (and landmarks) is not supported except for Opera (and I was
>disappointed that they turned off that feature and have hidden a switch to
>turn it back on). If you are using a head mouse you don't need the skip
>I didn't consider keyboard alternatives and how that would work. I would be
>interested to hear from someone who knows that technology better than I.
>And no, I don't believe it, but the skip link bug in IE has not been
>corrected in IE 9 ...ARGGGHHH.
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>Subject: [WebAIM] "Skip to content" links, vissibility and keyboard users
>without screen readers, to hide or not to hide?
>Yea wise people.
>I am glancing through the excellent Jim Thatcher course (though it hasnot
>been updated in 5 years, vast majority of it is still relevant,
>One thing it highlights, and ihave seen discussed here as well, is use of
>skip navigation links.
>The specific page i am reading is
>I understand the discussion of position a navigation link off-screen, and it
>only receiving focus when the tab key is used. But later on, the page seem
>to indicate that vissible skip to content links should be provided for those
>using a headmouse or other keyboard simulation methods to navigate a
>webpage. Unfortunately browsers other than Opera, do not allow navigating by
>headings or other html elements.
>So, what is the right thing to recommend here:
>a. For skip links to be invissible, a keyboard simulation users will have to
>tab through each and every link on the page, so the first time he/she uses
>the tab key the otherwise invissible link will become vissible or b. To have
>a vissible "skip to content" link at the top of the page, to make navigation
>of the pge easier for any keyboard users?
>The page also discusses IE6 and IE7 bugs that cause samepage links not to
>work, unless they are configured specifically. (see page for exact
>description, as it is somewhat lengthy, discussion is towards the end of the
>Hs this issue been fixed in IE8/IE9? If someone knows off the top of their
>head it'd be good to know. If not, I'll simply construct a test case myself
>to find out.
>Thanks very much