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ARIA landmark roles


From: Rick Hill
Date: Feb 29, 2012 4:39PM

I implemented basic Aria landmark roles in our CMS (banner, navigation, main, contentinfo). Of course, since all our templates are using XHTML, these elements don't validate. So:

I can deal with the verbal abuse of these element not validating as long as I can explain they make the site more accessible and that they don't validate because the validators aren't yet Araia aware for XHTML. So, is this OK? If I took them out, the pages would be squeaky clean. I'm trying to ignore the nagging urge to be validator compliant by taking these out.

I'm not keen on using Javascript to insert these since this seems like just a way to get around the validator.

So, what's the current take on this? Leave them and tell folks who ask that we know what we're doing and its for the best or pull them out and stay valid until the validators catch up or …?
Rick Hill, Web CMS Administrator
University Communications, UC Davis