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Re: Font resizing and change contrast


From: Jonathan Hassell
Date: Mar 29, 2012 1:54AM

Just to add to what Leonie and Shawn said...

It's certainly the case that, in an ideal world, users would understand how to change font size and colours through their browser.

Via the BBC My Web My Way site (http://www.bbc.co.uk/accessibility/) I tried to educate users in doing this for years.

But it's still the case that a huge number of users don't even know what a browser is, let alone what accessibility options their particular browser has.

And it's also the case that not all browsers (especially mobile ones) have these settings. In 2012, this really matters.

So there are lots of reasons for and against controls on the website, but asking users to use a 'solution' which they feel is beyond their capabilities is not a solution.

While I was at the BBC I reviewed all the expertise on the web, and enriched it with real user-research.

You can find most of the pros and cons, and ways forwards in my slideshare deck at: