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Re: Font resizing and change contrast


From: Barry Hill
Date: Mar 29, 2012 7:37AM

Thanks, guys. I'm convinced. If at least for mobile devices, then we need
these widgets.

Now I need to find some code for doing the job.



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I think they are very helpful for people on mobile browsers like the iPhone
& iPad where there are no options to increase your font size like you can do
with desktop browsers. The contrast settings are also very limited there,
your only other option is reverse contrast (White on Black).

I don't think they should be required but I definitely recommend them for
the mobile reasons and the other reasons mentioned in the replies.

Personally I use the text sizing widgets often when they are available
because it usually resizes the text differently than pressing

Paul J. Adam
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Deque Systems
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On Mar 28, 2012, at 3:14 PM, Andrews, David B (DEED) wrote:

> I don't know that there is any "collective wisdom." It is done both ways,
of course, and personally I favor letting people do it with their browser,
or OS. However, one plus for making it available on the web site itself is
that it puts accessibility right out front, for everyone to see.
> Dave
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> Subject: [WebAIM] Font resizing and change contrast
> Hi all
> Just joined yesterday, and already have a query for you all.
> What is the collective wisdom regarding *Change font size* and *Change
> contrast* links on a web page?
> My thinking is that they are not needed if the text and contrast are set
in the CSS and can be changed by the browser. Most people who need these
access adjustments will know how to alter it in the browser and, if they
don't, then they will struggle with most of the internet.
> Of course, a link to instructions on how to change the browser settings
would be useful.
> However, as I am blind, these access settings are superfluous to me, so I
might be coming at this from a rather bias perspective.
> Cheers
> Barry
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