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Re: New WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey


From: Lucia Greco
Date: Apr 30, 2012 5:07PM

I am using jaws.
I knew you would not have done it wrong. I am using jaws 13. And every time
the type of question was a check box or
A radio button I need to turn forms mode off. I would have stayed out of
forms mode but I needed to be in it to make choices in the combo boxes.
Strange at best.

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On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 4:52 PM, Lucia Greco wrote:
> I think you need to work on the survey a little more the radio buttons
> and the check box questions did not read the question if I was in forms


The survey uses proper labels and fielsets/legends, so I'm not sure what the
issue would be.

If you are using Window Eyes, it has never supported properly formatted
fieldsets and legends by default. I think there may be a fieldset verbosity
setting that you need to enable or customize. I recommend that you bring
this up with GW Micro (I have brought this to their attention many times in
the last several years) or use a screen reader that supports form
accessibility by default.

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