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Re: NAD v. Netflix: "This is a bad ruling. Reallyterrible."


From: Kroon, Kurtis@FTB
Date: Jun 28, 2012 11:06AM

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"Update: Although I believe the statute and case law make it clear that
does not apply to websites, I also believe that responsible websites
voluntarily undertake extra efforts to accommodate users with
In many cases, doing so will actually increase profits by expanding the
userbase; and even where it isn't, it's a good business decision both as
matter of corporate ethics and for providing extra utility to all

Not exactly sure what that means...

[KK] Here's how I would paraphrase it:

*I* don't think the ADA applies to websites, but that doesn't matter.
We should make our websites accessible because:

* Customers with disabilities do have money. If our site is more
accessible than our competitors', they are more likely to spend their
money *with us*.
* It even helps customers who don't have disabilities.
* It's the right thing to do.

<end paraphrase>


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