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Re: Quick Poll for JAWs users: Verbosity and Punctuationsettings.


From: Mary Stores
Date: Jul 27, 2012 12:27PM


I personally have my verbosity settings set to intermediate, and either
have some or no punctuation announced (usually set to none). JAWS does
a pretty good job at pausing where appropriate, and if I'm curious
about punctuation in a document, I will use my arrow key where it
occurs to determine what it is.

I know when I first train people, they do not mess with the verbosity
settings much, but if they continue to use JAWS, they soon become
annoyed with how chatty it is and then begin to explore options for
changing the settings.


Quoting "Birkir R. Gunnarsson" < <EMAIL REMOVED> >:

> No scientific data from me, unfortunately, but I think a lot of users
> do not mess with the original Jaws settings (as someone involved in
> teaching quite a few users over the years I do have a point at least),
> and I believe that to be all and beginner verbosity.
> I still keep my punctuation at most and verbosity at intermediate,
> because there are non-alphabetical cues, like brackets etc, that are
> often useful and should not be overlooked.
> On pages one might consider using a disclaimer or statement for screen
> reader users that they keep their verbosity level at a certain
> minimum, it's a thought at least.
> Cheers
> -B
> On 7/27/12, John Foliot < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Just doing a quick poll to try and figure out a minor question. What I am
>> attempting to determine is what are your settings? Verbosity: Low, Medium
>> or
>> Beginner? Then Punctuation: All, Most, Some or None?
>> The question being considered is whether or not to include (parenthesis) in
>> off-screen text: is there a value to doing so, or should I not bother?
>> Data and comments most appreciated.
>> JF