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Carousel / Slider Visible Pause Button


From: Pamela Riesmeyer
Date: Jul 30, 2012 6:26AM

Hoping that I can get some help in making a case for a visible pause button
on a slide show / carousel widget. I have searched the forum and couldn't
find exactly what I'm looking for. If this has been answered before please
forgive me and point me to the posts.

Our developer wants to keep the slide show / carousel on our pages with a
very slow (6 second) fade and a pause when you hover over the image. He
also will put a pause control that will become visible via keyboard
navigation. The same will be true of the forward and backward buttons and
the buttons to choose a slide to view.

My argument is that we need to make the controls, including the pause
button, visible at all times, especially for mouse users who may not know
that hovering will stop the movement. I haven't found any specific
information to support my case other than intuition/common sense that
visible is better.

In this case, the slides are decorative, but the same arguments will be
made for the scrolling news feed and the stronger my case, the better.
Many thanks for any suggestions you might have.



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