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Re: Carousel / Slider Visible Pause Button


From: Joe Chidzik
Date: Jul 30, 2012 6:41AM

> Our developer wants to keep the slide show / carousel on our pages with a very
> slow (6 second) fade and a pause when you hover over the image. He also will
> put a pause control that will become visible via keyboard navigation. The same
> will be true of the forward and backward buttons and the buttons to choose a
> slide to view.
> My argument is that we need to make the controls, including the pause button,
> visible at all times, especially for mouse users who may not know that hovering
> will stop the movement. I haven't found any specific information to support my
> case other than intuition/common sense that visible is better.
> Pam

[Joe Chidzik] Another consideration for your developer would be users of touch screen devices where the hover event has no meaning. In these cases a user would rely on a visible pause button to be informed of the pause functionality, so displaying the pause button on hoverfocus alone, would not aid users.