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Re: WAI ARIA help.. select boxes that are populated via AJAX


From: Gunderson, Jon R
Date: Jul 30, 2012 7:08AM

Do NOT added aria-live to the combobox.

Here are examples of aria enabled comboboxes.

1. http://hanshillen.github.com/jqtest/#goto_autocomplete

2. http://oaa-accessibility.org/examples/role/77/


On 7/30/12 4:42 AM, "Steve Green" < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:

>I don't think you need any ARIA markup for this. We have tested this type
>functionality with screen reader users several times and they have always
>been able to understand what is happening. The article you mentioned
>acknowledges that it is necessary for the user to have this understanding.
>If they don't, then the ARIA won't help them. If they do, our experience
>suggests that they don't need the ARIA.
>Steve Green
>Test Partners Ltd
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>Subject: [WebAIM] WAI ARIA help.. select boxes that are populated via AJAX
>I am still a newbie to WAI-ARIA and wondering if anyone can help me with
>We are updating our search functionality on our live site and will be
>calling data via AJAX. in the following way:
>When a user comes to a search page, there will be two or three select
>with only the first select input be enabled.
>1. The user picks an entry in the first select box.
>2. This enables the second box and populates it via AJAX based on the
>selection in the first box.
>3. The third box is Optional, but it will be populated based on the first
>and second selection via AJAX
>I understand from the backend developers, they are going use an onChange
>event to make the changes
>For accessibility, do we need to add WAI-ARIA live regions to the <select
>I found this online. Would this be an answer for what I need?
>Can someone explain or point me to good references with good set of demos
>or samples?
>Thank you
>Nancy Johnson
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