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Re: A Couple Questions about Adobe Reader and PDFs


From: Tim Harshbarger
Date: Aug 23, 2012 10:20AM

Thanks, Angela.

I probably should explain my second question better.

Basically, I want the web application to honour the user's settings. If the user has enabled the ability to view PDFs in the browser, the PDF should be displayed in the browser. However, if the user has disabled viewing PDFs in the browser, I want the web app to allow the user to view the PDF document with Reader or whatever they have on their system for viewing PDF documents.

So, I am looking for the technique for the developer to use.

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Tim -
I missed a step in those instructions I just sent. The Display PDF in browser is available when you are in the "Internet" Category/Tab

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>Subject: [WebAIM] A Couple Questions about Adobe Reader and PDFs
>I have a couple questions regarding Adobe Reader and PDFs.
>In Reader, the user has the ability to enable or disable viewing of PDFs inside
>the browser window. What is the default setting for the Accessibility Setup
>Wizard in Reader?
>My second question is about techniques. It's been a long time so I don't
>remember how to do this.
>Basically, I was looking at a prototype that displays a PDF for the user.
>However, if the user has disabled the viewing of PDFs in the browser window,
>the user interface tells the user they need to download the Reader. What is
>the technique that would allow the PDF to be viewed either in the browser
>window or in Reader?
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