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Re: aria scrollbar role and jaws.


From: Bryan Garaventa
Date: Aug 24, 2012 2:33PM

Sorry, forgot the CSS...

Say you have a scrollable div like:

<div id="test" tabindex="0"> Really awesome scrollable content here...

Then you can use the CSS

#test:focus {
outline: 2px red inset;
#test:focus:after {
content: 'Use the arrow keys to scroll';

Interestingly enough JAWS actually announces the content property value in

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Subject: Re: [WebAIM] aria scrollbar role and jaws.

> I'm curious what other people's views are about this as well.
> I've never seen what the value is for having the role of scrollbar is,
> since
> all content within scrollable divs is already accessible to screen reader
> users as offscreen text anyway, so scrolling something that has only
> visual
> significance has no value for screen reader users. Also, since ARIA only
> works for screen reader users, the point is equally mystifying.
> I have used CSS to indicate when a scrollable div has focus though, which
> seems to work well for conveying when a div has focus for keyboard users.
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> Subject: [WebAIM] aria scrollbar role and jaws.
>> Hi,
>> Has anyone used the aria scrollbar role with jaws? I am on FF 14.0.1 and
>> using Jaws 13 and when I tab to a div marked with tabindex 0, role
>> scrollbar and a label, Jaws does not announce that the region is
>> scrollable. Even if a jaws user is able to scroll through a region, focus
>> remains where it previously was, is it useful for screen reader users to
>> be
>> able to scroll?
>> My other related question is, what is the best practice to be followed
>> w.r.t scrollable areas? For eg, how will keyboard only users know that a
>> custom container is scrollble? What visual indication can we provide to
>> them?
>> Thanks!
>> Ramya
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