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Re: Creating surveys with Survey monkey as a screen reader user, and in a foreign language


From: Kornbrot, Diana
Date: Aug 25, 2012 7:52AM

Very useful, BUT
I do have access to above, what to do?
Excellent thread
http://go.osu.edu/survey-accessibility-osaac2012 by ken petri is excellent

Not that we're voting, but if I were, I'd vote that this question of accessible survey tools gets asked most often on this list.
Agree how can advice like petri's assessment be made more salient on the excellent WebAIM site?
Its my impression that there is an awful lot of re-inventing of the wheel

Still looking for answeres to following questions

1. How best to emphasise text in screen reader accessible ways?
2. What is best survey software if screen reader user has to CREATE a survey?

NB its difficult to be fair to all survey generators since they have many themes
We found surveygizmo did relocate user to question with error, ot just the page
ADVICE to survey tool makers, for each theme specify if it is htm5 ancd css3 compliant and whether it recognized devices and adjusts to phone, tablet, and computer screen resolution.

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