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Re: Math


From: Noble,Stephen L.
Date: Sep 20, 2012 1:14PM

The ultimate answer will in part be dependent upon the user's need and customary way of reading mathematics...but here are the options:

1) Mathematics can be rendered in speech through the use of Mathematical Markup Language (MathML). To get JAWS to correctly read the math, the student needs to use Internet Explorer and install the free MathPlayer plug-in. This assumes the content is created as HTML+MathML, XHTML+MathML, or using HTML with MathJax. Another route is saving the content as DAISY+MathML and using ReadHear, which is a DAISY reader which can handle MathML. If you want to do ePub3, there's also the accessible IDEAL ePub reader for the Android platform which supports MathML.

2) Currently, no vendor supports refreshable braille access to math braille. You only get computer braille, which is of limited value for math. This is unfortunate, but there is some work being done on that problem.

3) Having hard copy math braille is often considered essential for studying college-level mathematics. This is especially true if the student is already trained in reading math braille (in the US, it is Nemeth math braille code).

4) Some blind students who go into the science or math fields decide to learn LaTeX, which is a simple qwerty math code that has been around for decades and is still used by many sighted math college professors. That's one other possible way of providing access...but again it is dependent upon the student.

Here are a few resources you may want to consult:

Hope that helps!

--Steve Noble