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Re: Bobby [and asp]


From: Mark Rew
Date: Sep 10, 2002 6:25AM

US Federal managers who want to see a Bobby Approved graphic on their sites
are missing the point. They should have internal certification that their web
sites are compliant with the Section 508 1197.22 standards. It is the
responsibility of the US Government Agencies to ensure the Section 508
compliance. This means that the Agency needs to include corresponding Section
508 standards in the requirements of the contract.

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From: "Leo Smith" < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
Sent: Tuesday, September 10, 2002 9:05 AM
Subject: Re: Bobby [and asp]

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> I know that there are some issues withBobby = and that=20 it
> cannot be the only accessibility tool used on a site, but it seems to
> = me that=20 it is one of the most recognizable and that the US
> government, for whom = I do=20 some work, would like to see a
> "Bobby Approved" graphic on any site that = they=20 have an
> interest in developing.
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> <response>
> It seems that Bobby is becoming somewhat a stamp of approval
> for many sites out there that are striving for accessibility, and also
> perhaps as a way of saying to the world that is what you have
> done (and why wouldn't you want to?).
> My only concern, and one that others on this list have voiced, is
> the validity and reliability of Bobby as a testing tool. I personally
> have found Bobby to contain at least one (fairly major) error, and
> to not be update with all or new technniques of coding for
> accessibility.
> I am wondering if it would be worth some time and effort for us
> to begin suggesting ways that Bobby can be improved to the folks
> that develop it - maybe some of you already have, and I would be
> interested to hear about it.
> Leo.
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> Leo Smith
> Web Designer/Developer
> USM Office of Publications and Marketing
> University of Southern Maine
> 207-780-4774
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