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From: David Ashleydale
Date: Oct 30, 2012 11:02AM


I'm trying to find a way to get rid of a generic "More" link on my site and
I'm looking for suggestions or examples. In a new design we are
contemplating, there are a bunch of links on the page that open in little
layers. So the link might say "Leadership and Governance", for example, and
when you click on it, a layer opens that has a "Leadership and Governance"
heading followed by an intro sentence or two and then a list of three links
in the Leadership and Governance part of the site. The last link in the
list is currently "More" which takes users to the Leadership and Governance
main page.

My first stab at getting rid of the More link was to just make the
"Leadership and Governance" heading into a link to the "Leadership and
Governance" page. My favorite link text is one that exactly matches the
title of the page it's going to. However, I realized that the word "More"
was serving a purpose -- it was indicating that there are more things on
the Leadership and Governance page than the three or four links that we're
showing in this little layer.

So my next attempt was putting "More: Leadership and Governance" at the
bottom of the layer, with "Leadership and Governance" as a link and the
word "More" just as plain text. But there is some resistance to repeating
the heading in every layer -- it starts with "Leadership and Governance" at
the top of the layer, then ends with "More: Leadership and Governance" at
the bottom -- too repetitive.

I'm almost coming to the conclusion that there is actually a case for
keeping the link as just "More" (as along as its context
can be programmatically determined, which I can do). But I would love to
find a way of getting rid of it, if possible.

Any suggestions?

David Ashleydale