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Re: Generic Links


From: Jared Smith
Date: Oct 30, 2012 11:37AM

On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 11:02 AM, David Ashleydale wrote:

> I'm trying to find a way to get rid of a generic "More" link on my site

I think the impact of such links is a bit overstated. Even WCAG 2.0
allows such links except at Level AAA. At Level AA, "more" and "click
here", etc. are allowed so long as the link makes sense in its
context, which based on WCAG's definition of this makes it nearly
impossible to fail. And in the cases where it would fail the context
requirement, it would almost certainly still pass because links that
are ambiguous to everyone are excluded.

In short, I wouldn't worry a lot about "More" links.

> My first stab at getting rid of the More link was to just make the
> "Leadership and Governance" heading into a link to the "Leadership and
> Governance" page.

I think this is a great approach. It does have a minor disadvantage of
providing an extra link that goes to the same location as the "More"
link, but this is outweighed by the benefits of the informative link.

> So my next attempt was putting "More: Leadership and Governance" at the
> bottom of the layer, with "Leadership and Governance" as a link and the
> word "More" just as plain text.

One approach may be to make "More: Leadership and Governance" the
link, but visually hide the ": Leadership and Governance" text so it
is only read by screen readers.

> I'm almost coming to the conclusion that there is actually a case for
> keeping the link as just "More" (as along as its context
> can be programmatically determined, which I can do).

If the link makes sense and there's a good case for keeping it, why
fight a battle to get rid of it simply for the sake of compliance?