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Re: Video clips


From: Prof Norm Coombs
Date: Jul 31, 2001 7:58PM

If the video is just a talking head, then disconnected transcriptions of
the audio portion is probably passable. It does NOT however meet either
the Web Accessibility Initiative guidelines nor the Federal Section 508
standards both of which advocate actual streaming captions. Certainly if
the video is more than a flat lecture, then people need to look at the
video simultaneously with reading the text of the audio in order to make
good sense of the video.
SMIL (synchronized multimedia integration language) is a standard that
instructs the client player to display the video and the text together.
Preparing synchronized text takes a lot of time and work. EASI is
providing an Internet captioning service. You can see info on it from our
home page http://easi.cc and also if you take the webcast link you will
find a link to Biotechnology Works a captioned video.
At 09:49 PM 7/31/01 -0400, you wrote:
>Our site offers some short informational video clips. Most of them are not
>closed captioned and we provide the text of the video underneath its
>hyperlinked title. We would like to rearrange these pages and want to know
>if we could provide the text in a downloadable .txt document or some other
>way. What are the alternatives that can be used for video clips?
>By the way, the last couple weeks this list has been more active and has
>provided a wealth of information. Thank you!
>Jean L. Watkins
>Community Access Through Technology
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