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Re: Video clips


From: Andrew Kirkpatrick
Date: Jul 31, 2001 7:51PM

You can absolutely link to to a text transcript. In general, you can
provide access to the content by:
1) adding captions -- WGBH/NCAM has a free tool for creating captions called
MAGpie. I can answer any questions you may have about this.
2) providing a text transcript -- this can be accomplished in a few ways.
You can do what you're already doing (posting the transcript under the link
to the video), you can link to an html version, or you can add the
transcript to a SMIL file so that it appears in paragraph form next to the
video. The only one of these that would be officially synchronized is the
3) Adding audio descriptions -- you can also use MAGpie for adding an
additional sound track to describe the visual action. It seems like a video
addressing visual impairment should be described.
Just offering possible solutions...
On 7/31/01 9:49 PM, Jean Watkins ( <EMAIL REMOVED> ) wrote:
> Our site offers some short informational video clips. Most of them are not
> closed captioned and we provide the text of the video underneath its
> hyperlinked title. We would like to rearrange these pages and want to know
> if we could provide the text in a downloadable .txt document or some other
> way. What are the alternatives that can be used for video clips?
> By the way, the last couple weeks this list has been more active and has
> provided a wealth of information. Thank you!
> Jean L. Watkins
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