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Re :is Bobby a prude?


From: Terence de Giere
Date: Sep 23, 2002 9:24AM

Timothy --

> My copy of Bobby WorldWide got through to the page
> http://tntluoma.com/opera/lover/day15-instant/index.php .
> It reported zero errors for both both 508 and WAI through priority 3 -
> I did not do a manual check of those items requiring one to look at
> the code. Does your ISP have any kind of URL blocking? Some ISPs offer
> parents some blocking features that could be perhaps by default
> turned on? Perhaps there might also have been a temporary hang-up in
> your connections. Servers on the Internet do crash from time to time
> and have to be rebooted.
> A URL is a unique address. These are not the same pages. In my copy of
> the Opera 6.05 browser, they have slightly different format, with the
> 'lover' URL having larger fonts and some additional CSS effects not
> seen in the other.
> I see you have implemented W3C site navigation links (which will show
> in the Mozilla browsers' site navigation bar versions 1.1 and above.
> For some reason (bugs?) these were pulled out of the initial Mozilla
> 1.0 release and Netscape 7). Very nice. A lot of work.
> I just discovered a couple of days ago, since I was putting some of
> these navigation links in pages I was writing, that these navigation
> links also display in the Lynx text browser (version 2.8.2 is on my
> machine) but unfortunately they are not organized in any way - they
> just pile up at the top of the page in the order they appear in the
> page code. This is unfortunate for usability, especially if Lynx is
> used with a screen reader, but the problem is really one to be sorted
> out by the Lynx developers, unless you want to go to the trouble of
> detecting Lynx and providing a different page design.
> The W3C's goal of single page authoring is still seems a way off but
> closer. The page design here, with the content at the beginning of the
> page and navigation at the end (when CSS is off), as on many other
> sites that are accessible, seems to work best both for rendering in
> assistive technology and for search engines. A lot of us seem to have
> converged on the same solution. Interesting that this page design is
> very much like pages almost a decade ago before all the graphical
> design people started messing with HTML.

> I think your decision to forgo supporting similar format for Netscape
> 4.x browsers is fine.

> Terence de Giere

> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Subject:
> is Bobby a prude?
> From:
> "Timothy J. Luoma" < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
> Date:
> Fri, 20 Sep 2002 21:19:40 -0400
> To:
> Hrm. This is strange. If I try:
> http://tntluoma.com/opera/lover/day15-instant/index.php
> I get an error:
> Connection Error: Bobby has experienced a problem connecting to
> this URL. Please try again.
> If I try:
> http://tntluoma.com/opera/30days/day15-instant/index.php
> (which is another URL to the same page)
> then it works.
> Is Bobby objecting to the word "lover" in an URL?
> TjL

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