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Intro and a Question


From: Jake Joehl
Date: Dec 27, 2012 12:58PM


Hi everyone. My name's Jake and I just subscribed to the list last
week, in hopes of gleaning more information about web accessibility.
There's a lot I already know from having been a screen reader user for
several years, but there's still more I don't yet know but want to. I
am the Social Media Assistant for a local nonprofit organization that
works with people who have disabilities. Our organization is
cross-disability, meaning that we don't just work with one disability
type or category. We're currently in the midst of a total website
overhaul, and I'm rather curious about something. On our main page
there is currently some kind of slide show/carousel, which is
apparently supposed to rotate through all or some of the features of
our site. However, it isn't working well with either System Access or
Non-Visual Desktop Access, which are my current and probably future
screen readers of choice. It seems to be causing page refreshes. What
I'm wondering is if any of you web accessibility gurus could test it
out and see what needs to be done to correct the problem. I'm not sure
if any of our site developers are on this list, but something tells me
they're not. Please see below for the URL. Thanks much.

Jake Joehl
Social Media Assistant, JJ's List
Web: http://www.jjslist.com