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Re: Intro and a Question


From: Birkir R. Gunnarsson
Date: Dec 28, 2012 4:01PM

Hi, and welcome to the list.
Can't help you too much yet, but I am dealing with the same problem
i.e. carousels that disrupt screen reader focus. It seems a solution
that would at least work for NVDA, would be to put a TabIndex of -a on
all things that appear inside the carousel, and then put an
aria-hidden = true on the container element of the carousel (or put a
div around it if necessary).

A more classic and secure solution (which really is complementary to
this one) is to put a button at the top of the page that enables the
user to stop this animation from happening, even put a keyboarde
shortcut to it to make sure screen reader users can stop this carousel
(you could always hide that button off-screen using CSS, but there may
be other users who prefer not to have distracting animations popping
up on the screen, so I think it would be of benefit to show it to
everyone). . I am not sure how System Access handles the ARIA spec,
how far they are along, good screen reader as far as my tests a few
years back shows, but I have been using Jaws and NVDA since and have
not had a fresh look at SA yet.

On 12/27/12, Jake Joehl < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> --
> Hi everyone. My name's Jake and I just subscribed to the list last
> week, in hopes of gleaning more information about web accessibility.
> There's a lot I already know from having been a screen reader user for
> several years, but there's still more I don't yet know but want to. I
> am the Social Media Assistant for a local nonprofit organization that
> works with people who have disabilities. Our organization is
> cross-disability, meaning that we don't just work with one disability
> type or category. We're currently in the midst of a total website
> overhaul, and I'm rather curious about something. On our main page
> there is currently some kind of slide show/carousel, which is
> apparently supposed to rotate through all or some of the features of
> our site. However, it isn't working well with either System Access or
> Non-Visual Desktop Access, which are my current and probably future
> screen readers of choice. It seems to be causing page refreshes. What
> I'm wondering is if any of you web accessibility gurus could test it
> out and see what needs to be done to correct the problem. I'm not sure
> if any of our site developers are on this list, but something tells me
> they're not. Please see below for the URL. Thanks much.
> Jake Joehl
> Social Media Assistant, JJ's List
> Web: http://www.jjslist.com
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