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opinions about e-commerce site


From: Carol Foster
Date: Sep 26, 2002 7:45AM

Hi again,

I've been working with a consultant on an online donation form, and he came up
with some interesting ideas on how to identify errors in forms in a way that
may be more accessible to nonvisual users. But in some ways the manner we
ended up doing it may also be annoying to some folks. SO, I'd love to have
your opinions.

The test site is at http://www.appilistic.com/cgi-bin/giftform.cgi

You can try it out by going through the form and submitting a blank pr
filled-in-any-old-way form (or first page of the form) and "experiencing" the
errors. I don't want to post our "valid" test data to such a large audience,
but do contact me directly if you want to help out with more extensive testing
or comments/suggestions. (We were aiming for at least WAI Pri. 1, but the site
goes beyond that in several ways.)


Carol Foster, Web Developer
Internet Publishing Group, Information Technology Services
University of Massachusetts, President's Office
phone: (413) 587-2130
fax: (413) 587-2148

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