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Re: opinions about e-commerce site


From: Jeff Rhodes
Date: Sep 26, 2002 8:20AM

I like what you have done, it works pretty good in jaws. A couple
things I noticed though:

1. when you present the errors on the field itself, jaws is reading the
&nbsp as just that (not a space). you may want to change that.

2. I think that the footnotes you have on the page are not required. I
would make those alt tags blank. If you think about it, a legend
would only apply to the sighted. You have noted that a field is
required on the field itself and the legend is not needed for jaws.

I really like how you handled this though.

On 26 Sep 2002 at 10:43, Carol Foster wrote:

> Hi again,
> I've been working with a consultant on an online donation form, and he came up
> with some interesting ideas on how to identify errors in forms in a way that
> may be more accessible to nonvisual users. But in some ways the manner we
> ended up doing it may also be annoying to some folks. SO, I'd love to have
> your opinions.
> The test site is at http://www.appilistic.com/cgi-bin/giftform.cgi
> You can try it out by going through the form and submitting a blank pr
> filled-in-any-old-way form (or first page of the form) and "experiencing" the
> errors. I don't want to post our "valid" test data to such a large audience,
> but do contact me directly if you want to help out with more extensive testing
> or comments/suggestions. (We were aiming for at least WAI Pri. 1, but the site
> goes beyond that in several ways.)
> Thanks!
> Carol
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