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ADA Doubt


From: Mobins Thomas
Date: Jan 30, 2013 8:42AM

Hi there
I have web page with called "Personal Info" where the user enters his/her information. The page consist of Text boxes only as input control.Some input are mandatory which is validated at client side which tells the user about missed inputs.
My question is that.As per WCAG 2.0 success critrerion 3.3.2 -G131, do we have to add a label next to the mandatory textboxes having text "(Required)" ?
eg .First Name: [Textbox] (Required).Last Name: [Textbox] (Required).Telephone no: [Textbox] SSN : [Textbox] (Required)Street: [Textbox]
Is it necessary to add the label(Required) or validating it from client / server side is enough??

Thanks & RegardsMobins