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FW: Multipart table


From: Lucy Greco
Date: Feb 25, 2013 3:33PM


This markup works for me but I wanted to see if any of you had ideas on how
to make this table more accessible. Tables have always been one of my
sticking points. Lucy


What you should find is a single table, with global title and header (in
caption and thead sections, respectively), and then content broken into
four sections, one for each academic year, via multiple tbody sections.
Each section contains a label (in a column-spanning table header cell) and
then three columns of table data (course title, number of fall credits,
number of spring credits). Note that in most cases courses are taught only
in one semester or the other.

Take it for a spin in JAWS and let me know if it's easily navigable and
understandable. Two extra credit questions would be:

- Is the dash, in an otherwise empty table cell, an acceptable way to
indicate a course is not available in a given semester?
- Do the footnotes, indicated by superscript numbers in the table cells
linked to note text below, work in JAWS? Does the linking make it easier or
harder to navigate?*[LG ] * thanks Lucy