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Re: YouTube Accessibility


From: John E Brandt
Date: Jun 25, 2013 8:55AM

Ditto to the other comments. I might add that my most recent experience (a
couple of months ago) has been that if you actually create a transcript file
and upload it as the caption file for YouTube, then the "transcript" feature
(as described) will appear. If you rely on the "automatic transcript"
process, there will be no transcript.

I believe you can export a text copy of the automatic transcript, edit this
and then repost and it will all work. I think there is also now a way to
edit the automatic transcript in the YouTube backend. Like everything
Google, YouTube changes all the time and with little or no fanfare. Just
when you think you know about something and how to use it, they change it.

Glad to hear the HTML5 video player works well with some screen readers
(does it work with all?). I have been going through the effort of creating
an alternative video page by posting a second page using the accessible JW
Player. See example: http://maine-aim.org/video/index.html


John E. Brandt
jebswebs: accessible and universal design,
development and consultation
Augusta, Maine, USA


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Is YouTube generally considered to be an accessible place for video content
these days? That is, if a video author was conscientious about accessibility
-- created captions, made transcripts available, provided audio description
tracks, etc. -- would YouTube be considered a good place to post videos in a
way that people with disabilities would be able to use?

I've definitely seen videos on YouTube that have captions, so I know that
functionality is available. But I don't think I've ever seen links to
transcripts or audio descriptions available. Of course, a video author could
post a link to a transcript that is hosted elsewhere if YouTube can't host

Or does YouTube not really have this down yet, and video authors would have
to host accessible solutions themselves?

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