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Re: comprehensive list of keyboard accessible software?


From: deborah.kaplan@suberic.net
Date: Jul 30, 2013 12:01PM

When I am evaluating Voluntary Product Accessibilit Template, I
look more for how they are filled out then for the answers they

For example, I have evaluated products which just put
"compliant" in every single checkbox on the VPAT. Since I have
yet to meet many products which can be completely considered
compliant, those answers just tell me that they filled out the
VPAT thoughtlessly, which leads me to believe that they are
presumably thoughtless about accessibility. (Obviously I will
combine that assessment with my own accessibility analysis; so
far I have a perfect score on "shallow VPAT that just claims
perfect compliance means barely accessible product."}

On the other hand, if I see a VPAT which is filled out
comprehensively, with the product limitations so carefully
detailed they could effectively be a bug list, it makes me think
that they probably came from ... a bug list. That is to say, it
makes me think this is a company that notices accessibility
problems, examines them, reports them, and presumably intends to
fix them.

Deborah Kaplan
Accessibility Team Co-Lead
Dreamwidth Studios

On Tue, 30 Jul 2013, McMorland, Gabriel wrote:

> Good point. How effective do you find Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates?
> How effective do you find this site?
> http://buyaccessible.gov/
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> Subject: Re: [WebAIM] comprehensive list of keyboard accessible software?
> McMorland, Gabriel wrote:
>> I'm lookng for a regularly updated comprehensive list of keyboard accessible software. A regularly updated comprehensive list detailing all aspects of accessibility for software would also be great.
> Such a list would be impractical -- if not impossible -- to create and maintain. There are an ever-growing number of software products, and each revision might improve or detract from their level of keyboard accessibility.
> However, perhaps you can focus the question further. Are you looking for a list of major office suite products (e.g. Microsoft Office, Libre Office, etc.) which are relatively good at keyboard accessibility? Social networking products? Graphic design products? Within a certain sphere, you might be able to find a better resource (with the understanding that it would likely be out of date as soon as it was created).
> Deborah Kaplan
> Accessibility Team Co-Lead
> Dreamwidth Studios
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