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Re: comprehensive list of keyboard accessible software?


From: Jonathan Metz
Date: Jul 30, 2013 1:10PM

As far as keyboard shortcut databases are concerned (I¹m not clear how
this relates to evaluating VPATs), I¹ve found KeyXL
(http://www.keyxl.com/) to be a fantastic resource for finding keyboard
shortcuts to many programs. A lot of the software is old, but shortcuts
don¹t generally change all that much.


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>When I am evaluating Voluntary Product Accessibilit Template, I
>look more for how they are filled out then for the answers they
>For example, I have evaluated products which just put
>"compliant" in every single checkbox on the VPAT. Since I have
>yet to meet many products which can be completely considered
>compliant, those answers just tell me that they filled out the
>VPAT thoughtlessly, which leads me to believe that they are
>presumably thoughtless about accessibility. (Obviously I will
>combine that assessment with my own accessibility analysis; so
>far I have a perfect score on "shallow VPAT that just claims
>perfect compliance means barely accessible product."}
>On the other hand, if I see a VPAT which is filled out
>comprehensively, with the product limitations so carefully
>detailed they could effectively be a bug list, it makes me think
>that they probably came from ... a bug list. That is to say, it
>makes me think this is a company that notices accessibility
>problems, examines them, reports them, and presumably intends to
>fix them.
>Deborah Kaplan
>Accessibility Team Co-Lead
>Dreamwidth Studios
>On Tue, 30 Jul 2013, McMorland, Gabriel wrote:
>> Good point. How effective do you find Voluntary Product Accessibility
>> How effective do you find this site?
>> http://buyaccessible.gov/
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>> McMorland, Gabriel wrote:
>>> I'm lookng for a regularly updated comprehensive list of keyboard
>>>accessible software. A regularly updated comprehensive list detailing
>>>all aspects of accessibility for software would also be great.
>> Such a list would be impractical -- if not impossible -- to create and
>>maintain. There are an ever-growing number of software products, and
>>each revision might improve or detract from their level of keyboard
>> However, perhaps you can focus the question further. Are you looking
>>for a list of major office suite products (e.g. Microsoft Office, Libre
>>Office, etc.) which are relatively good at keyboard accessibility?
>>Social networking products? Graphic design products? Within a certain
>>sphere, you might be able to find a better resource (with the
>>understanding that it would likely be out of date as soon as it was
>> Deborah Kaplan
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