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Re: Use of <H> tag in PDF


From: Karlen Communications
Date: Aug 30, 2013 6:00AM

...but not every document type can be "forced" into the web page model. When
I write books, I don't consider each page of the book a separate page from
the core document requiring repetitive navigation and a link to the next
page. Would this mean that each slide in presentation software would require
the look and feel of a web page, how would this translate for spreadsheet
documents: would each sheet be a "web page or each printed page of the
spreadsheet and how would data be even entered into that design if
repetitive navigation and other web design elements were necessary to force
the model? Documents don't have domains and there are different document
types that need to be used for different types of content.

Not everything is a web page and we can't start thinking that everything is
and try to get it to conform to web design. I agree with Birkir's comments
on desktop published documents but would ask why, after how many years of
knowing that access to content is important for those who need or want to
access content differently/using what we currently call adaptive technology,
that students aren't taught how to make those award winning designs
accessible and why the software to let them do that lags so far behind the

Cheers, Karen

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On a similar note, what do you do when you run out of headings?

I have been in situations where using an H1 for the document title meant I
ran out of heading numbers further down the document. (It was an in-depth
legal style document.) There I used H for the document title and H1s for the
major sections.

Conceptually, as a PDF is multi-page you could consider it more like a
website than a web page, but I'm still not sure what you'd do with the
document title.

I guess it's not terrible to do that, but are the better solutions?

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