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Re: Use of <H> tag in PDF


From: Alastair Campbell
Date: Aug 30, 2013 7:38AM

Karen wrote:
> Not everything is a web page and we can't start thinking that everything
> and try to get it to conform to web design.

Apologies, I wasn't trying to fit a document into a webpage model, just
trying to work out what constitutes an H1.

In the context of a long document it does not seem wrong to use multiple
H1s, but it does in web pages.

Duff Johnson wrote:

> What genius decided there exist only 6 levels of headings in all of
> creation? (Sorry Tim!)

To be fair, it's never been an issue for a website I've worked on, only
PDFs, and then only big, lawery type ones.

> PDF 2.0 will also include a <Title> tag, thus providing a definitive way
> out of the undesirable practice of using H1 for the Title.

Ah, good to know.

There were documents long before there were websites; there will be
> documents long after websites have been replaced with HyperText Clouds or
> whatever other name we'll use in 20 years time.

I agree, there will always be longform content in one file/location. I
personally hope it doesn't require being a print/page oriented format
though. (Although eBook formats aren't a replacement yet either.)

I'd be interested to know if PDF 2.0 requires pagination?

Place the title in the document's metadata; any PDF-aware AT readily finds
> it there. Tag title text appearing on the page with a <P> tag (unless it is
> also serving a structural role in addition to being a title).

Thanks, I'll remember that for future. It is primarily for cover-sheet
style pages where you have a title in very big text, it feels like a
title/heading tag would be appropriate, but in the context of the PDF tags
it isn't.