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Captioning for mixed-mode presentation (with slides and live demonstration)


From: cb
Date: Oct 28, 2013 1:36PM

I have a live presentation video that consists of a few slides mixed
in with a web software demonstration. The live audio narration
describes everything that happens in the demo, step by step. But it
doesn't exactly reflect the text content of the slides, which include
section titles, URLs, and contact information. I looked at the DCMP
Captioning Key and I still have a few questions about how to handle
the text content of the slides and other issues.

1. The DCMP guideline is not to repeat textual slide content from the
video in the captions. I would like to include it all in a
downloadable transcript, though. The transcript wouldn't be very
useful without those references. I've noticed that Coursera, for
example, doesn't include slide content in their transcripts. For a
YouTube-hosted video, is there a way to add a transcript that has more
than what's included in the captions?

2. Since this wasn't scripted, there are a lot of filler syllables
like "ah" and "um," along with some verbal sound effects that indicate
impatience. How much fidelity do I need to have in all of that?

3. There were questions from the audience during and after the
demonstration. Some of them are audible in the recording, and some are
not. Is it OK to summarize an inaudible question in a caption? Would
it be better to add that text to the video itself? Or should it just
be captioned as [inaudible]? Other options?